Ubuntu Mobile OS on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone: Gesture-based UI Hands-on Video

Ubuntu OS for Mobiles Announced by Canonical : – The smartphone world has a tough competition when it comes to the rivalry with operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Canonical has finally opened the curtains for its most promised and expected Ubuntu OS for mobiles. This operating system is built with the Android kernel and drivers that are already existing and there is no usage of Java Virtual Machine. It offers support to ARM and x86 processors.┬áThis is an open source ( freeware ) platform that is based on Linux just like the Ubuntu we used on our Desktop PC or Laptops.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus that is featuring in the above picture is not running on Android, instead it is running on a mobile version of Ubuntu which is a Linux based Operating System that most of the people are waiting to grab and it also suggests that there are lots of possibilities awaiting for the Android Phone users. This version of Ubuntu has a complete new User Interface ( UI ) that is suitable for the small screen devices. Though the hardware or the carrier parternership details has not been mentioned yet.

Ubuntu OS for Mobiles

Engadget has revealed some of the key features of its UI in the form of a demo video. There is no presence of Lock Screen in the first place. Instead of using buttons you need to swipe on the edges just like one uses a Windows 8 device or a tablet. This is same even with the mobile operating systems such as MeeGo. Though each swipe denote a unique function like contextual menus in the bottom, your most used applications or the recents apps on the right, Apps menu on the left and atlast Settings menu on top.

Inorder to unlock a phone you will need to slide it anyways so this makes a complete sense why lock screen feature is absent. This OS gives your mobile the ability to get notifications which is considered as an added feature for the HTML apps that are browser-based. Other native and web apps can also run on this OS. Voice commands or Voice control is there too.

The sad part of the story is when it comes to hardware information there is no sign of manufacturing Ubuntu phones yet. The first devices shipping will be done somewhere in the year of 2014. We will hope this concept will work much better than the Motorola’s Webtop Concept.