Top 5 Best iPhone 5 Themes For Free Download : iOS 6 Winterboard

If you are looking for the best iOS 6 compatible themes for iPhone 5 device here is the post that might be helpful for you. The below given are Cydia Winterboard themes that can be downloaded easily. There are several types of skins made by the developers to get a neat gesture -oriented themes. How To Install Themes on iPhone 5? – First you need to jailbreak iPhone 5 device using a jailbreaking tool and then make sure that Winterboard app is running on your device so that you can apply these Cydia themes instantly by making a little bit of search on Cydia.

For now only limited number of skins available for download but in time we wish there will be more themes that show compatibility to iPhone 5 device will show up. Many people tested these themes on their iPhone 5 devices and found that they are fully working and functional ( according to the sources sinfuliphone and idigitaltimes. )

Below given is the list of Free iPhone 5 Cydia Themes To Download.

1. “Ayecon” Theme by @Surenix – One of the best winterboard themes that show Compatibility with iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 best theme


2. “LeviathanHaz3HD” Theme by @iHaz3

iPhone 5 theme iOS6


3. “Boss.ios” Theme for Zeppelin – This theme of winterboard requires Zeppelin to install but now offers compatibility to iPhone 5.



4. “CarbonX Pro”  Theme by @CarbonXPro

carbon x iPhone 5 theme


5. “Jaku” Theme by @ck5um – This is a cool winterboard theme found on Cydia.

Jaku Theme

So why waiting ? Search these awesome themes on cydia and install them now !!