10 Best Websites To Download Android Apps APKs For Free

There are many different versions of Android OS rolled out in the past few years of 2012 – 2013 like Android ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Jelly Bean and by the year 2014 Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS will be running on the Android Mobile Phones and Tablets.

If you already own an Android device that is not having any .apk files installed yet then you might be searching for the best .apk files on several websites to install or run various types of apps, pdf documents, games, freeware, software, Antivirus, dictionary, trending news apps, video or audio media players etc.

There are many websites online to download free .apk apps or files. So if you want to take the full advantage of internet here is the list of some cool websites to get the latest Android APK files for free.

Some users personally find their third party applications or apps on these top websites that are compatible and support their mobiles. Being an Android user I personally prefer installing third party applications on Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Series fame Galaxy Note, Note 2, S3 and waiting to get my hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 which is set to release and coming with the best features and high-end technology.

Why to use .apk files ? Where can I find best apk files ? Is there any harm or damage for the hardware using them ? What exactly are APK files ? Well here are the answers and fixes for your issues / questions and curiosity. If you are willing to install third party applications onto your Android devices then you will be needing a most popular .apk file extension format file or commonly known or called as Android Package files.

By downloading them you will be having more advantages than disadvantages like you can easily browse through wide variety of apps and test run them on your Android operating system and they are easy to uninstall too. So below given is a best list of ten places where you can get or find Android APK for free online. I hope this article included with How To Tutorial / Guide will be helpful for you.

Shortlist Collection of ten best places to get Android APK files downloaded online for free

1. AndroidFreeware.org is one of the best sites where you can search for many of the current trending and easily downloadable online APK files for free of cost. So you need not spend or waste your money to buy / purchase or pay for any app that is provided there in the store. The price is absolutely zero. This site has been collecting many .apk files quite for a longtime and you can called it a repository or a storage place for awesome and useful android .apks. You can get access to browse about more than 1500 + apk files through this website that is working or acting as a portal for fully functional apps .

2. FreeAndroidware.com is one of the great and top blog that has different categories to choose the latest android apk full version apps that are available for free download. You can also surf and dodge many cool wallpapers and Android themes in this website.

3Androidapk.com is where you can download tons and lots of free Android apk files that are useful and are easy to setup. There are hundreds of Games and other cool freeware that you can try for yourself.

4Androiddownloadz.com one of the best ways to download or get android apk files free and have them installed on your Android OS devices. The direct download links are provided for the quick downloading of apk files that come along with different utilities to customize or personalise of your Android device homescreen.

5. Androidapk.net  6. Gooapk.net  7. Androidsoftfree.com 8. Freewarelovers.com

9. Appxg.com 10. Lisvid.com ( not working currently it might load later ).

How To Install APK files / Applications Through the Android Market

The Android Market or the Google Play Store are the best repositories for storing Android apps just like Apple has an AppStore or iTunes store for Mac OS X and Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There are thousands of applications that you can find there in several categories offering a wide variety of options to the consumers. There are certain third-party apps provided at the Android Market by the developers to the users which you can easily download and install.

The download size information will also be given so that you can proceed when you feel like your Internet / broadband via Wifi or 3G data plan has got good speed. You can create a cool collection for yourself by downloading these apps that are available there for free.

Step By Step Instructions :

1. First you need to copy the .apk file onto the SD memory card of your Android device either by using a data cable transfer mode or by taking out the chip to assemble with the card reader accessory and later insert it back into the mobile. Ofcourse if your friend is having an application on his phone then you can even make safe use of Bluetooth option for transferring apk files between two mobiles. The choice is all yours.

2. Now proceed to download Android Apps Installer application via Android Market and install it.

3. Once you are done with the installation procedure, the Apps Installer will display or flash the APK files onto your mobile’s memory card.

4. The final step is to just click on the Apk files installation button and finish it successfully.

How To  Get Android Applications Installed Quickly With Android SDK

This is another best way for the Android gadget users who are looking forward to install Non-Market third party Android applications without actually using or going to the Android Market. For some of you this process might appear difficult and confusing too. Anyways I will just give the information on how to use Android SDK to download APK app files.

1. First you need to download and then proceed to install the Google Android SDK program and some of the Android USB drivers. You can download them from the links given below : http://code.google.com/android/intro/installing.html 


. Some modification has to be done to the settings on your Android device inorder to allow the installation of apps via different sources. To do this you need to navigate or Go to the SETTINGS option and there select APPLICATION SETTINGS and finally tap on to check or enable “Unknown Sources.”

You also need to go back to the “Settings” option again and there select “SD Card” as well as the “Phone Storage” options and finish the step by enabling the “Disable Use for USB Storage” option.

3. Now it is the time to Open Command Prompt and input or type this command as follows: adb install <1>/<2>.apk

4. Whenever you type the command don’t forget to replace <1> with the path of your Android .apk file & also replace <2> with the given name of that particular APK file.

5. Your app is now fully ready to use and run. That’s it ! We are done !

Now you are aware of installing Android apk files the best possible way by getting them online as free downloading apps. We will come up with more updates on APKs in the future. Stay connected !

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