Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Prototype Image Leaked: 2013 Report

The announcement of event has been already done by Sony and today a new Sony PS4 / PlayStation Controller came to limelight. Though the announcement for the next-generation PlayStation has to be done, the first looks of PlayStation 4 controller prototype is already there allover the internet which leaked into the wild. There are many rumors regarding the release of PlayStation 4 this year and we already know about the gaming console wars between Sony & Microsoft who promised to release their next generation offerings.

Sony PS4

As reported by some trusted sources it is believed that the gadget is having a controller which has a DualShock-style. On the top there is a touchpad and on the back of it there is a blue light appearing. According to Destructoid blog and few other sources who first thought “Is the Prototype Image of Sony PlayStation 4 controller True ?” now came to believe that IT IS REAL ! There is a quite huge change in the center, having a surface that is glossy which might be a touch display or other kind of display. There is presence of small holes at the center that gives the appearance of a microphone which can be used for the voice commands. Other chance is that it might be some sort of weird speaker which we don’t know surely for now.

If observed closely at the bottom, a tiny protrusion is present which might be a 3.5mm headphone jack. The whole device looks as if it offers various support for multi-player games. As there are touchpad lines along with blue lights it is some what bearing a similarity to that of PlayStation Move motion controllers of Sony. There is a speculation going that this strong resemblance might be useful for the motion sensing or motion tracking. Most of the features of PS4 that are rumored on previous reports came true like there is a parting of START and SELECT buttons. In the year of 2012 for the Move-equipped controller a patent was given for Sony Company. So this might be just the prototype for now and the final product will be different. There are many on-going debates regarding the functionality of the controller too.

Sony PS4 image leaked

You might see many connectors and extensions for PlayStation 4 in the image of this prototype but it doesn’t mean that final controller should neccessarily have them. Kotaku also confirmed that the image of prototype is real and final form might be different from how this prototype looks. So need not get confused yet, we have to just wait and see for its release. New Sony PlayStation 4 release date is on Febraury 20th, 2013 according to many sources. So it is next wednesday that Sony arranged a special event at New York to announce it’s PlayStation 4 Gaming console. Stay Tuned to know the Sony PlayStation 4 Price in India and different countries cost details along with the specifications/specs !