Skype Group Video Calling Announced for Smartphones

It has been 10 years since skype introduced video calling. This has been a great app that made easier to talk to our family, friends who are at a distance. It’s the one app every mobile and internet user have grown fond of. For it’s big celebration of successful 10 years, the company announced on it’s official blog about free group video calling for iOS , Android and Windows 10 mobiles.

We are already aware of the video calling between two persons on mobiles. But group calls are only allowed on Windows, Mac and other desktops.¬†Announcing today, by innovating the people more and making them to appreciate it. It’s also a good strategy on the contrary for making more users to download it.

Skype Video Calling on Mobiles

The app is available for free to download on all platforms. The reports say that Skype users have made 2 trillion minutes of time from all over the world over the last decade. This has made the company very happy and encouraged them to bring up the new feature for us people.

Many business interviews, marketing process are done through skype these days. It helps you connect to your beloved ones while travelling, on a vacation, on a trip etc wherever you go it comes along. The company’s recent reports tells that, since it was available on Smartphones which is 6 years over 750 million people downloaded and installed it.

It’s a better example for saying that it’s one great free and most used app on iTunes, Windows and Android store. It was available before for only business install, but now this has come to normal people also. Usage on,, Xbox and even on Windows 10 mobile is available. Features like video messaging, Instant Translation made the growth to be seen 10x faster than anyone could expect in just two years.

Though this feature is rolled out to set in coming few weeks, you can also have a preview before actually using it. Check out for preview here at