Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Case Photos Leaked : S2 Like Design

Case Leak Suggests Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Have More Defined, S II-Like Form Factor [IMAGES] – Let’s suppose that there is a brand new mobile going to hit the market very soon then there will be many rumors, leaked photos or images and what not? Even the case makers begin to design their best cases possible for the offering at a less or cost for the smartphones along with top quality. In the year of 2013 Galaxy S4 release date, Price details in India, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, USA along with few other countries is the most rumored topic. Many users are eager to wait and see what its best specs and features could be. If the recent reports and news are true Samsung Galaxy S4 release should be somewhere after this month and leading UK Mobile accessory maker or pusher UK mobile MobileFun brought us images of alleged and purported cases of S4 that are believed to fit S4 mobile from a so-called reliable source of some Chinese accessory manufacturer which supposed to be the S4 handset case.


The look is more crisp and flawless which gives us a basic memory of the previous generation Samsung Galaxy Series case especially of S2 phone case. The pebble design and appearance of Galaxy S3 smartphone was believed to the back step and with the release of brand new S4 into the market there are growing expections to bring the glory back to Samsung Galaxy S series.

Galaxy S4 Mobile Case Photos Leaked

If this case looks exactly as the gadget and fits the S4 design, then many consumers might be pleased for buying a flagship smartphone of Samsung. It’s sales will definitely hit the records.

Galaxy S4 Mobile Case Images Leaked -2

If we review this case very closely, we can see there is large hole or cut present in the center which might be for camera lens and two other holes that are on either side might be for LED flash and rear speaker for the guess. According to MobileFun Samsung Galaxy S4 display will be around 5-inches or so in size and other features that are left out are a headphone jack at the top, lock or volume keys on the side along with a microUSB port in the bottom along with a microphone.

Galaxy S4 Mobile Case Photos Leaked - 3

Though we are not sure for the moment if the images are REAL OR FAKE ( I mean if they are for Galaxy S4 or not ) but MobileFun’s report must be considered as a piece of information for now which is totally based on guessing the stuff. Possibly Galaxy S4 launch On March 14th 2013 might happen. Stay Tuned, we will update you with more info !