Safari Crash Fix for iPhone 6s & Mac: Quick solution

Lately there’s been a prank thing which makes Safari browser to crash both on iOS and Mac devices.This went viral around the world in a single day and this news is not related to that thing. It’s likely to be related to Apple’s Safari Suggestions service. Many people are freaking out what could’ve cause this, on the other hand some aren’t worried about this issue at all.

A simple tap in the URL bar also lead to the crash of the browser and caused to reboot the system. Until there’s a permanent solution from Apple, many users found some options to avoid this trash. This issue sure has annoyed many users and it is a serious thing to get noticed and the fix from the company might not come soon as we expect.


When you type a certain URL of some random site, the requests goes to Apple’s web server and reaches you back with a result. But in this case it just crashes and exits the app giving nothing. Apparently there is a temporary solution available for this issue, which is disabling safari app in settings.

So how to fix Safari Crash issue on iOS and Mac Devices? The above solution have worked for many users and hopefully it also does for your device. Go to system settings and disable the Safari suggestion as shown in the image. Private browsing also solves the problem in which the device won’t take the suggestion service and hence no crashing. This is only until apple comes up with a solution for the server.

As the complaints are received from across the world, this is the major problem on devices with iOS 8, iOS 9 and Mac OS X 10.11. As soon a there’s a fix for this, we’ll post it. Keep checking.