Will You Be At Picasa’s Funeral? R.I.P

Death is inevitable, for Picasa it came too early. “Dear Picasa, we will continue to mourn your loss every day from now. You became the most important photo app in the whole wide world. We promised we’d never go looking for another beautiful source to manage image albums. But i guess the time has come for us to be apart.”

Yes, you heard it right, Google is going to shut down this wonderful one which served for many years. As the company has started working on Google Photos now, they wish to make every picasa user shift to the new and not so popular one. The reason they gave for closing it down is to develop and concentrate on a single one rather than working on two at a time.


It’s not so surprising as the company always has a plan to retire it forever since the introduction of Google Photos last year. The latest reports from the official blog says that Picasa is going to die on May 1st, 2016 –¬†desktop support will be closing and won’t work March 15 onwards. The new image service works for both mobiles and desktops which have a lot of enhanced features like the native one provided.

Time period of 2 months or so is given for people to adjust to the latest app and transfer all their content. So your question will be “what happens to the existing images and videos?” Worry not Google already made it convenient by taking the liberty on copying all the files onto the Google Photos. Greater benefits like sharing and searching is much easier.

Another option provided is, for users who do not like to use the newbie, a new source is being developed for quick access of Picasa Web Albums. Tags, captions and comments will be there as how they are present. It might be a good thing no matter how hard we got used to organizing in a way in the old one.

The changes aren’t happening today and take the time given to shift everything and get adjusted to using the latest source. Get the app¬†for mobiles here.