iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak Pangu Update

Any kind of news regarding jailbreaking of the latest iOS version up’s the hopes of people. Well however this latest news is worth hearing and having a knowledge about which iOS to depend on for some time. Windknown, one of the Pangu team members has recently posted the news about iOS 9.2.1 version jailbreak possibility and it’s vulnerabilities. It’s a pretty lenghty and fully subjected article which normal persons would not have an idea. Though for developers this might be a simple thing.

To explain it briefly, it mainly let’s you know that Pangu team is strongly suggesting you to upgrade to iOS 9.2.1 version. So what are the things to be known for now as users is that this version has kernel vulnerabilities which is reported to Apple previously. But Pangu team was so kind to let us know the update about might be possible jailbreak soon.

Jailbreak (1) (1) (1)

For people who are on iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak can choose to stay to keep Cydia running, or if you think you can run your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for a few days without the jailbreak then you can upgrade to iOS 9.2.1 version. For all we know, that there is currently no tool available but with this update from Pangu team it might possibly be coming soon.

The original message is as follows: “It is noteworthy that this loophole in iOS sand box trigger, and therefore in the APP can directly attack the kernel, the kernel code is executed to obtain permission. We recommend that users upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, and to avoid the installation of unknown origin APP.”

As we know that this team already gave us iOS 9.0.2 Untethered jailbreak previously and knowing the kernel vulnerabilities things might get even more easier. The post mainly has the technical stuff exlplaining the kernel exploits. Even Luca Todesco (@qwertyoruiop) who posted on twitter and Youtube about achieving iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak also recommends to do the same.

No matter how hard Apple tries to make it harder for jailbreaking there are always loopholes which will be found sooner or later. Finally if you want to upgrdae for iOS 9.2.1 download the IPSW links from here.

Note: Do not download any non-store apps which means any kind of unprotected apps from the browsers after upgrading to iOS 9.2.1.