Nokia 808 PureView Latest Firmware Update Rolled-out : Download

One of the best features of Nokia 808 PureView is the 41 MP ( 38 MP effective ) Camera which we couldn’t forget. While your Nokia 808 PureView Mobile phone hasn’t got any software or firmware upgrade yet, there are few rumors and reports which suggested that there was a huge update pushed over-the-air for the users. The update file is reportedly 420MB in size.¬†OTA update will always have less size when compared to this and the update might be a change in Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 from version 113.010.1507 to 113.010.1508.

Nokia 808 PureView Mobile Update

There are no new features that come along with this update but overall maintenance and performance of your device will be better as there are several fixes made.

How To Upgrade Nokia 808 ?

Nokia Pureview Upgrade

It is a very process. First connect your Nokia 808 phone to PC or desktop and then Launch Nokia PC Suite to check if the update is available in your region. Then follow the instructions there. That’s it !

Source : Pureviewclub