Trick to Brick iOS Device Real Fast (Video)

The recent popular Apple gadgets bug is the bricking of iPhone or iPad real quick by changing the date to January 1, 1970. Many users have tried it and they are all on the same position now running to the Apple stores with their mobiles or tablets. According to several questions and discussions posted today on Reddit, it is confirmed that setting the date to Jan 1, 1970 will brick your iPhone forever.

We have seen many tricks played which could cause the phone to crash but only for limited time period. But today’s news spread out to every corner of the world and those who tried it are now regretting it. Personally though i din’t do, but if you wish to give it a try follow the below steps.



Go to Settings> General> Date&Time, and disable Set Automatically. Now scroll down the month, date and year icon till it reaches maximum. Continue to do so till you get January 1, 1970. After that reboot the device once and you’ll not be able to see the display or home screen forever. Some users posted on twitter say that it will automatically works after 5 hours or so time.

The final output will be nothing even if you wait for a day and check. If you think so cleverly and try to restore using iTunes the process won’t work. So no matter what you do the phone will not come back to it’s original shape once again. The only solution right now is to run for the nearest Apple store.

Reports say this bug will be affecting iOS devices with 64 bit processor having iOS 8 or later. A7, A8, A8X, A9, A9X are the processors that is going to be affected which means starting from iPhone 5s or later models.

The question is what’s wrong and what causes this? By setting up the mentioned date, the internal clock will be set to less than zero making the software to confuse and crash. An user posted on twitter claims that changing the sim card fixes the issue and some other say it takes about 5 hours to come back.

However it’s a risky one we don’t recommend you, since there is no permanent solution right now not even by the Apple. As the company planned to release iOS 9.3 later at it’s March event, we’re expected to have a fix for the latest problem. Watch the below video to get a clear idea.