Protect iPhone 6s From Date Bricking Bug (How To)

The recent most popular iOS date bricking bug has sure got attention among people. Earlier today we posted an article about iPhone or iPad getting crashed forever by changing the date to January 1, 1970. Several users are running to the Apple stores right now for a fix to this issue. Many iOS devices faced the problem as everyone tried it, thinking of it as a prank.

As they followed to do the process, they realized that it’s a real deal and they just lost their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. I’m sure you went through the process of restoring iOS using iTunes on your gadget but it wouldn’t work, right? Some users posted on twitter say that the device will be back as normal after 5 hours of time and other proposed switching the sim-card would do the thing. Nothing worked and only one option you have is to get the iOS piece to the store.


It only affected for models iPhones 5s or later or in complicated words 64 bit processors with A7, A8, A8X, A9 and A9X chips. Anyway it is considered as a harmful bug and with no fix right now, we strongly recommend you not to go through this process. Apple might come up with a solution in the mean time and release it in upcoming iOS 9.3.


There’s one thing you can do to protect from the present issue at hand which is a jailbreak tweak. The tweak is named as BrickingDate and available on Cydia using Launch Cydia and add repo and download the app. This advantage is only for jailbroken devices. By installing it, your iDevice is safe and clear.


This is not a fix, only a precaution before you actually tried changing the date to January 1, 1970. Ofcourse you won’t be able to use the gadget once the change of date is done.