How To Set Up / Flash Ubuntu Touch OS on Galaxy Nexus 4, 7, 10 : Tutorial

Free (as it is an Open Source Linux based OS ) and direct download links for Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS Developer Preview are given in my previous post ( click here ). Now here is a tutorial on how to flash your Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4 mobile and Nexus 7, Nexus 10 mobiles / smartphones with Ubuntu Operating system. Canonical made the download of  Developer preview for Ubuntu Touch operating system available few hours back. This linux OS for mobile or phones is now available currently for Android based Nexus phones. If you want to run ubuntu OS on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 mobile devices then below given is a step by step tutorial and a guide on how to flash it.

Ubuntu Touch OS latest Flashing

Before installing or flashing Ubuntu OS on your phone it is to keep in mind that this is not the full version OS but it is just a developer preview i.e., it’s a demo version. So it is OK to test run it on your devices but it won’t serve the daily usage. Testing it will have its own advantages and disadvantages, sometimes it might damage or harm your device’s hardware and all your data might be lost.

Disclaimer : will hold no responsibility for any sort of device’s software / firmware or hardware damage. User discretion is advised. So do it at your own risk.


* To start with the tutorial I must say you will need an Android mobile device that supports stock firmware. For now the mobiles that show compatibility or that are compatible to Ubuntu OS are Galaxy Nexus – takju or yakju, Nexus 4 – occam, Nexus 7 – nakasi or nakasig, Nexus 10 – mantaray.

* You will now need a desktop PC or a computer running on Linux operating system ( preferrably Ubuntu desktop OS ) to get started with the installation procedure. Not possible on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or Windows Vista, Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion.


Step 1 : First setup Ubuntu Touch Preview Tools PPA software on your Windows desktop PC or computer and download link for it will be given at end of the post. Then go to Terminal option and there you need to run few below given commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install phablet-tools android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Note : Steps 2, 3 and 4 are for the users who have a mobile bootloader that is locked. You can directly skip to the step 5 if your device is unlocked already.

Step 2 : Iniatialize bootloader mode to restart your Nexus device then with the help of a USB data cable connect or plug the device to the PC or computer.

Step 3 : Now open up an another new terminal window on your desktop and input the below given command.

sudo fastboot oem unlock

Step 4: It is time to accept the terms and conditions of unlocking your mobile’s screen and when you are done just reboot it.

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Operating System Flash it now

Step 5: Boot your mobile to Android now and there you need to enable USB Debugging mode by going to the Developer Options given in Settings. Using a USB cable then plug or connect your device to PC again.

Step 6: This is the final step which actually lets you install or flash the Ubuntu Touch image to your mobile device and all the data on will be completely erased or wiped off. So it is recommended that you backup before continuing with the setup.

Once again make sure that your device is connected to the PC via USB cable then type or input the below given command in the Terminal.

phablet-flash –b

A complete and full bootstrap will be performed on your device now that flashes the latest Ubuntu Touch OS build. Now your device gets rebooted in Ubuntu Unity shell.

That’s it ! Now you have flashed Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview on your Nexus 4, 7, 10, or Galaxy Nexus easily, quickly and successfully.

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