Play N64, DS, PS1 on iPhone 6s & iPad (Emulator)

Apple has been a record breaking brand for providing such a wonderful gadgets to play games and perform other activities on. No doubt gamers all around the world waits eagerly and purchases as soon as a new iPhone or iPad arrives into the market with brand new features.

Classic games has been a thing for jailbroken Apple devices, infact people even go through jailbreaking process just to play those games. Where as, an Emulator is required for non-jailbroken phones and tablets. iEmulator’s NewGamePad is the solution for such issues. Well, some of you might think that there is an App store to download such things, but not every popular one is available yet on the store.


Emulation and Console games are the places where group of people form together and have fun playing. This NewGamePad as iPhone and iPad Emulator is just the right one you are looking for, where you’ll find various games like N64, DS, MAME, PSP, Game Boy Advance (GBA), GBC, PS1, SNES, NES, NDS, Sega Genesis and many other handheld games. Yes it’s an all-in-one place, and now you can play them on one app.

Designed to support Multi-platform, this is so far the best and latest emulator. Download possible within the app and before choosing any console you can play right away. Faster and quick process at free of cost to install. You might be wondering if this process would be difficult to go through for installation. Not at all, and infact we just have a simpler way followed by a step-by-step procedure about how to get NewGamePad?

iPhone game

1. Visit on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

2. Tap on the NewGamePad icon box at the bottom of the page to find install button/ icon.

3. Click on the install button and wait for it to download.

4. Now straightly head to Settings > General > Profile and select and hit the newly added one.

5. You’ll now be asked to Trust or Cancel the new app (in a dialog box) that’s been installed on your device. Hit Trust option as in agreeing to the conditions.


This new source only supports devices having iOS 8 or higher version. The official website also mentioned that it won’t be permanent as Apple won’t allow such third-party apps which uses Safari platform because they violates the company’s policies. Also, this is only for people who don’t worry about their devices losing ability to claim if anything were to happen by installing non-store apps.