How To Manage & Organize Android Phone Files from Computer via Wifi : Download AirDroid App

If you are the owner of an Android Tablet or a mobile then you must be definately looking out for the best app with which you can wirelessly control your phone files like contacts, ringtones, images or photos, videos and music from your Windows desktop or PC browser, Chromebook or Macbook Air Pro / iOS or other Tablets and organize them via WifiAirDroid is a free app with which you can manage Android phone files from your Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Linux operating systems using a browser. Most of the Android users found it to be the best app of 2013 to start with. There might be better apps than these but still this is one of the best apps out there with which managing your mobile files has become so easy.

AirDroid App 1

AirDroid app not only allows Android phone users to access their files wirelessly from computer but also gives the ability to send text messages via computer desktop to the contacts that are on your Android smartphone.

Best features of this app is along with sending, receiving, forwarding or deleting SMS messages you can even browse your phone files, can access Android market to download the apps as .apk files and install/ uninstall or backup apps etc. The battery levels and CPU status of your Android device also can be seen with this amazing app. You can delete the files on your SD card and this app has drag n drop feature too.

AirDroid App 2

How To Use AirDrop App and Connect Android Phone to PC via Wifi ?( Guide/ Tutorial )

* First thing you need to do is download the app and make sure that it gets installed on your Android device. You can free download this app via Google Play Store .

* Then launch the app on your Android phone and at the same time you need to open any web browser of your choice like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari etc on your computer.

AirDroid App 3* Now go to this address on your computer’s web browser and then the Dynamic Passcode generated by the app must be entered inorder to get connected or log in. You can even simply scan the QR code given there with the camera to make this work. The Choice is yours !

* That’s it ! now you will get connected and be able to manage, browse and organize android files on your PC.

Note : For this process to work both your Android device and Computer must be in same Wifi network. If you can’t connect your Android phone and PC on the same wifi network you can follow the steps given in this user manual where you will be explained about creating wifi hotspots, tethering etc.

This App works best on all Android devices or tablets like Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, S3, The LG Nexus 4, HTC Droid DNA, Sony Xperia E, Google Nexus 10 etc. Try it on your device now and share the experience with us by commenting below !