How To Block / Unblock Incoming Calls on iOS 6 : iPhone 5, iPhone 4S

Apple iOS 6 devices came up with pretty amazing features like setting your iPhone to ‘Do not Disturb’ mode so that you can avoid or ignore unwanted calls that you don’t want to receive. Blacklisting numbers will be much more easier if blocking is based on location. So many of you might be wondering if there is any free app to block/ unblock calls on your iPhone or an iPad running on iOS 6. Fortunately, we have an app called Call Bliss which does the job but at an affordable price of $ 2.99. Your device need not to be jailbroken inorder to use this app. So let’s get into the details of this app.

Call Bliss 1

How To Use Call Bliss App ?

Call Bliss will enhance the ‘ Do not Disturb’ function more productively by adding more new features into its settings. As soon as you download/ install and open this app you will be asked to create a new profile in the panel settings of Do Not Disturb function. Once you are done with it you have to create a list of call groups. You can assort all your contacts into groups like Work, Home, Gym, Library, School, Friends, Colleagues etc based on locations.

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Once you are done with the settings as mentioned above you will be able to ignore calls automatically as Call Bliss application will automatically detect on the fly where you are geographically and you will be able to receive calls only from the expected people or groups. Calls that are blocked will be directed to voicemail so that you can give a check later.  Let us imagine a situation that you are at Home and you don’t want to receive any calls from Work. So based on location ( i.e., Home in this context ) all the calls from Work get automatically ignored. You can even block or unblock calls from all the contacts by using two features like Allow all calls & Block all calls.

Piece Of Advice : As this app is using GPS or Global Positioning System on the fly, there is always a possibility for battery drains. So use it only when you really want to block annoying calls and manage to quit the app when you don’t need to block someone or don’t mind accepting rings from anyone.

Battery Drain Call Bliss

Anyone with iOS 6 running on their devices can download this app via Apple iTunes Store and the it is mainly optimized for iPhone 5 device where as it also runs on iPhone 4S, latest generation iPad or iPad mini.

Click Here To Download Call Bliss Paid App Officially.