Add Multiple Instagram Accounts (How To)

The facebook-owned Instagram has finally provided the option for adding multiple accounts on a single handset for both iOS and Android devices. We heard some rumors regarding this back in November and some users even experienced it. It was not officially introduced and stable at that time, but now it is.

Many users have asked and posted for this option since this amazing thought came into their minds. The developers has been trying as soon as the news reached them and they finally achieved in both multiple account adding and switching between profiles.


Let’s learn about how to do it in a few simple and basic steps:

1. Update to the latest Instagram version on your smartphone from the stores.

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2. After upgrading launch the app on iPhone or any Android mobile you possess.

3. Click on profile tab on the left side of the app. Now tap on the Settings icon on profile page which helps you to your change personal info.

4. Scroll down and find Add Account option at the bottom present in between Clear Search History and Logout buttons. Some users might not be able to see it, if you are also facing the same issue try re-launching or re-installing the app.

Instagram 1

5. After tapping on Add Account, You’ll now see the Instagram Login page once again asking for Username and Password. Give the other account details which you wish to add. Login with Facebook choice is also given there and you can try it too.

Instagram 2

6. You’ll now be able to use 2 profiles at the same time. Repeat the same process to connect multiple profiles.
You can add 5 accounts and that is the limit. To access one desired at a time, a navigation bar is given for choosing.