How To Add Animated Themes on Mac (2016)

Got bored of applying regular wallpapers on your iMac or MacBook? Well, here is an alternative and considered so far the best option for you to rid of the old and static looking screen.

Most of us spend time on computers far much than we even think of, and some of them even like to just stare at the screen especially when its an Apple High Definition (HD) desktop. So to make it a bit interesting or say crazy, we look for themes to apply instead of wallpapers. Ofcourse we’ve gotta admit that this change really makes the screen look stunning and even more gorgeous. An app called Live Desktop for Mac is available on the store right now and it really is awesome.

Live Desktop

As the name Live Desktop says, it does give a live and pleasant experience. Not to sound like an advertising partner for the app, but it sure has wide variety of categories. Let’s say you feel like going to the Waterfalls all by yourselves and need a peace of mind, you can apply an absolutely perfect Water fall theme and give rest to your body. There are many other choices like mesmerizing Rain drops, Sandy Beach, rippling river, Roaring Lion and a waving & calm Flag.

Mac Theme

The developers of the app even added volume to most of the themes to make it more dynamic. Enable/disable button for volume is provided to adjust based upon our mood. Imagine you walking in the jungle and can hear the mighty Lion roar, the almost and yet advanced animated lion roar is on your computer now.

Yes, the store is full of apps that can be used in many ways in our daily life like alarm clock, image editing softwares etc. Give this new one a try and you won’t regret it, besides it’s only $0.99 on the store. Updated and newly added themes will be appearing on the app itself, therefore update of it won’t be necessary.

Download Live Desktop for iMac/ MacBook.

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