Free Download iFunBox v2.1 for Windows 7, XP, Vista / Mac OS X

When we were talking about the best installous alternatives we came across iFunBox desktop application for both the computer that is running Windows Operating system as well as the Apple’s Mac OS  X Lion, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion. How To Install iFunBox and Use it – You don’t need or require jailbreak ( without jailbreaking your iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Touch 4G ) you can access to the files within them instantly. i-FunBox is the Best Apps and File Manager For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Best Apps and File Manager For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Just follow the installation steps after you download and install i-FunBox on your Windows PC or Mac OS. Some of the best features of iFunBox latest version software update are given below.

How to Control Your iPhone or iPad Totally

Download iFunbox for free

You can easily able to manage files on your Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad similarly as you do that on File Explorer of Windows system that too in a more friendly way. Quickly transmit or transfer files or documents or folders onto your Windows desktop PC or Mac OS X using an option called optimized file transfer with which you can browse and get access to any file instantly.  It supports and is fully compatible with iOS 6.

The cool features of iPhone / iPad File Manager are Navigation, Download and Upload, Drag and Drop, Quick Preview, Move, Delete, Rename, support for Asian / Long Filename.

Complete Backup and One-stop App Install

One-stop App Install and Backup

If you are wondering How To Install IPA Files ( .ipa ) Directly On Your iPhone or iPad devices then iFunBox is the freeware that you will need. This tool allows the safe installation of .ipa packages on your iDevices without needing any jailbreak done. Yes ! No jailbreak is necessary or required. You can install the cracked iOS IPA apps or application on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using this amazing tool that offers complete support for installing and running unofficial, Non-Apple Store .ipa apps that are unsigned on AppSync without using Installous. You can share and re-install by making some backups of the batch installed apps.

Take Full Advantage of the iOS App Manager

You can do or perform Batch uninstall or install of the app in just one step. The installed apps can be made into a backup as .ipa package. Running or Installing the unsigned or unverified IPA file or iOS app is possible. There is a App list quick preview available to browse the apps very smoothly.

Much Enhanced Hi-Speed General Purpose Storage


For the sake of normal files you can use your iPad or Apple iPhone device as an USB Portable Disk . The huge flash memory on iPhone or iPad can be exploited by having a transfer speed over 5MB per second on iPhone and where as on iPad it is 15MB per second.

Advantages of using iPhone or iPad as a portable USB drive or disk are you can have recursive copy of subfolders, Scheduled Data Transmission, High Speed Data Transfer and an Indicator for realtime progress.

How to get Access to App sandbox without Jailbreak

Access App sandbox without Jailbreak

If you feel like sharing or creating a backup of settings for all the games and applications that run on your iOS 6 devices then getting access to app sandbox comes very handy and useful. Instead of using iPod, any of your videos can be uploaded to a Third-party video players like OPlayer HD and it also enables you to download several documents that are created on applications similar to Numbers app.

All your applications can be played easily with No jailbreak required and you can upload Word Documents, PDF documents, HD Videos and even many more files to view or playback using this free software utility.

i-Funbox has a great Wallpaper Function

Wallpaper Function

If you want a best way to manage wallpapers for Thumbnail previewing iFunbox helps alot. Including the camera folder iFunbox has integration to all the remaining folders too. You can Select and Delete Photos, also Replace them with the images of source.

You can Upload many Wallpapers at once ( Batch Upload of Wallpapers ) along with the Conversion, Change in Image Resolution, HD Image Resizing for High Quality and the best Thumbail Preview.

How to Export / Import Music ( Audio ) and Movie ( Video ) on iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad

Import or Export Movies to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

All the music and videos in your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad can be instantly exported via Apple iTunes to backup copy or you can also directly burn to CD. Scan the popular music, videos and movie files on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad whenever iTunes is refusing to get connect.

So create restore point or Backup iPod Music & Movie, Recover the Songs that are accidentally deleted on your iTunes, Copy music from iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad easily to your Windows PC or Mac OS X using a Friendly Title.

Click Here to Download i-FunBox For Mac OS X and Windows 7 / 8 / XP and Vista for Free.