First Look At iPhone 7 Dual-Camera System

Apple has acquired the LinX camera technology last year hoping to improve the camera system to get better photos. As the new rumors say that the company might actually ship the upcoming iPhone 7 with this new technology. We are aware of the news that this new gadget might be released in the September event. Now Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities an analyst have come to an opinion claiming this news.

According to the news the iPhone is going to come in two versions, one with single camera and other having Dual-camera system while both bearing 5.5 inches respectively. This has got to be a real deal hearing this reports, for better images on future iDevices. Also the latest Apple patent also revealed the same news, though we don’t have a clear idea if this is going to come true.

iPhone 7

However, for a pretty sophisticated smartphone like iPhone has to consider enhancing the quality of the images by bringing this kind of changes into action. Placing the second lens would absolutely improve the resolution resulting a noise free image. Along with the new dual-camera, KGI also expected the idea of implementing zoom quality to be magnified 2-3x from Apple.


As there are 2 versions of iPhone 7, only one of them with 5.5 inches would be having the advantages of this new developments resulting the sales differ. Some users say that it’s likely going to be the one iPhone 7 Plus having these features. For the new design bearing this dual-camera system based on LinX algorithms, we’ll have to wait how it actually looks.

Being one of the top smartphones and tablets brand Apple always has it’s way to impress the users. Any new change is a challenging yet interesting one.