Best App to Detect Earthquake: MyShake

A new app just hit the Google play Store which helps in sensing earthquakes. Scientists from University of California, Berkley designed and released it for Android smartphones at free of cost.

The only hope of the latest development is detecting quakes more easier using the collective power of each mobile in the world. It’s available in the name of MyShake on the store right now if you want to download it.

The sensors place inside the gadget turns it into a detector which scans shakings and rumblings when this app is installed. When the ground is shaking the phone’s internal accelerometers records the data and shows if the profile matches any seismic activity warning people. This gives pretty enough time for people to move according to the readings.


After collecting the readings (if there were any jolts), the mobile GPS automatically sends a notification to the Seismological Laboratory in Berkley notifying the scientists. The present use of this app is to let both mobile owner and University know the current situation. But in future they strongly hope to creates a mobile seismic detection network to inform users right away.

Researchers have found many ways before but not like this one. They believe that by joining the forces altogether create a seismic graph more accurate and faster. Sure this no comparison to the devices that are made by the US Geological Survey, but many people will be benefited with the notifications set to alarm when rumbling starts. Research say the rumblings start to happen before we actually notice the shakes.

Many regions don’t have the seismic network yet. So, this app sure comes of use in those particular areas where one can’t get any early news about the quake. Places like Nepal, Peru have millions of smartphone users, hence this mobile network could be the alert for them much earlier to flee.

Qingkai Kong, a student who is a part of the team that developed the app said “Low-cost sensors used in smartphones makes the task much easier in a place unlike California (a dense Seismology place with 400 stations)”. However this is not the first one on Android store and let’s hope it comes of much use to everyone. They are also trying to develop for iOS and it is on the way.

Source Image Source Wikipedia.