Download WhatsApp Now for Free on All Devices

WhatsApp created in 2009, is a major source for texting and connecting with people. Many people all over the world today are not using any other app other than this particular one. As for me, I came across it in 2011 and immediately installed on my iPhone 4, and found it quite interesting which also served well. Initially it only supported texting, later on voice and video calls are also introduced helping it grow even more faster.

A secure, trusty and a top rated app in every app stores. Supports devices with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft and iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Series, Nexus series Smartphones, pretty much every mobile present today.


Available free for first year usage and costs $0.99 on the app store which now comes for free forever. Though 99 cents is not much of a price but for the users who don’t possess a credit card makes it harder. As the company found it not as a fine approach it decided to try out something new.

Set to roll out in coming next few weeks it doesn’t charge you anymore for the services. As the company’s words, many people might really have the doubt of this new strategy, by charging nothing could take place to advertisements. The answer from the company is “no”. So what really is the plan here? the answer is, WhatsApp from this year on, it is on to some new development tools which could be used by business, organizations and Banking sectors.

Which means the Airlines can actually interact with users and travellers about flight cancellations, bookings and delays. Banks can tell you whether the transaction made was fraudulent. These kind of business deals today use another apps and WhatsApp is really looking forward to develop tools that makes the work lot more easier.

The company however has no intention of introducing third party-ads which generally annoys people. This alone proves that the company takes users opinions into consideration.

Download WhatsApp for all devices.