Top 6 Best Cydia Alternatives For Installous on iOS 5, iOS 6 : Install IPA

There are many Apple iOS 6 as well as iOS 5 device users who became curious to know about best installous alternatives for iOS 5 or iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS, iPod Touch 5G/ 4G, iPad 4/ 3 /2 / Mini. There are many similar jailbreak tweaks or repos available on Cydia store that you can take full advantage of them. After the shutdown or death of famous Installous – which is a cool jailbreak app to download cracked iOS apps or the paid iOS apps for free of cost there is a constant search for top alternatives. This popular pirate app downloader had to quit the jailbreak community quite a longtime ago – which is now totallly dead or not working. So people are searching for the functional and best substitutes for Installous in 2013.

Installous is a best third-party cracked app downloader for Apple iOS 6 and used to Install IPA files or .deb files directly on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. As installous is not available for now we have found you some other similar ways to get your IPA files installed. These are some of the useful cydia alternatives of Installous found on different repos.

Free Top Best Installous Alternatives for iOS 6

Are you getting Unavailable API errors or having the Invalid IPA issues or problems and don’t know how to solve them ? then here is the fix for all those bugs that are bothering you till now. All you need is a best installous alternative as a solution.

Installous the famous piracy app store just like we have an Apple’s official and genuine iTunes or Mac OS X AppStore but here you get free cracked apps as full versions so that you need not buy or pay or purchase the original app to run / install / download it. However we don’t really encourage you for downloading pirated apps on Cydia. This tutorial is just a piece of information that we have collected from the various sources that are allover the internet or web for curious users of iOS gadgets.

Disclaimer: We are not insisting or suggesting anyone to download / install or use Installous and its alternatives by any means or chance. won’t hold any responsibility or it isn’t in an affliation with websites or the developers whose names are given in this article. Our motive is to solely provide good information on daily updates and latest news. We sincerely believe in the efforts of Original developers or App makers / Creators for building iOS Apps and making them available on Apple iOS App Stores. Hence we are not anyway offering our support or patronage for piracy related apps.

It is to be brought to your notice that even after the death of Installous there is no end for making piracy apps or their associated app downloaders on Cydia repositories. Using latest jailbreaking tools like Evasi0n 1.5 or Snowbreeze or Redsnow untethered jailbreaking iPhone has now become very easy even for a complete noob. Below given is a list or collection of top Installous alternatives on Cydia for free download and install. We will also explain How to install them through a step by step instructions guide or tutorial. Their main advantages and disadvantage along with the features will be completely exposed so that you can choose the best one by comparing.

Download 6 Top Alternatives to Installous on Cydia Store:

1. Install vShare tweak Now !


If you are looking for an exact similarly working installous alternative then vShare is the amazing Cydia tweak that you are looking for.  There might be few changes in the overall UI or user interface of the application but still it is worth to  run on your iOS 6 devices. There is another name for vShare popularly known as APP VV. So while you are checking the source for this installous alternative you type or input any name you want so that it will appear on the screen right away. The same resource of’s Installous is being used by vShare too but it differs when it comes to the look or UI changes. You need to download AppSync on Cydia if you want vShare to get installed.

Below given are the step by step instructions on how to proceed with installation :

* First quickly Open Cydia -> then go to Sources -> hit on Manage -> now Edit -> Add this –
* Once you are done with the above step you can go find or search for App VV or vShare tweak on Cydia. After you find it           just download and restart or reboot your iOS device.
* vShare will now appear on your Apple iDevice’s Springboard.

2. i-Funbox : Install Now !

How To Install i-funbox installous alternative

If we have to recommend you one of the best working and popular installous alternative then i-Funbox is one among the list. It features or available as a desktop app which is one of the top most advantages of this tweak that comes very handy and useful. Installing IPA files on iOS 6 devices is now very easy and quick with the help of this software.

3. AppCake or AppCake+ is another best Installous substitute


Back in the year of 2008 Appcake was first introduced to us which yet a best alternative for installous. Though installous has stopped working AppCake can replace it without any doubt. It is an interesting cydia tweak available on iPhoncake repository.

How to install AppCake or AppCake+ (Plus):

Add the repo by navigating to Cydia -> then to Sources -> now Manage -> Edit -> Add the following – Once you have added it make a search for AppCake app for downloading and once you find it proceed with the installation process. Inorder to see or make AppCake appear on the springboard you need to do a reboot. For Installing AppCake+ you need to headover to the repo – instead of earlier mentioned one.

Click here for the complete tutorial

4. Zeusmos:


Zeusmos is the coolest installous application alternative for downloading the apps from Non-official Apple App Store. It is still a most widely used alternative for installous to install or run free cracked iOS apps. Though the UI of AppCake and vShare is much better when compared to Zeusmos. You can just give it a try though.

Go to the below mentioned Cydia repository to get it : { alternative, official repo is removed }

5. IPA Search is just worth knowing Installous alternative

Though this tweak is not well known or greatly used or recognised by the users buy using it you can make a random search for IPA files that are valid on server.

6. Kuaiyong Tweak

It is another alternative that lets you Install IPA files on iOS devices but you will have to download first and then sign the IPAs on your computer desktop or Windows PC. It is available as a chinese version of Installous but there are some tutorials that you can google to understand better in English.

CAUTION: Usage of Cracked iOS applications is strictly illegal. The whole purpose behind installing a cracked application is to test run it before buying directly on Apple App Store. As soon as you finish with the test run it is recommended to delete the app from your iOS 6 firmware to purchase or buy it on the App Store if you feel it useful.