Download iTunes 11.0.2 For Windows 7, 8 PC & Mac OS X : Set Up

We have waited so long for the latest and brand new update of Apple iTunes 11 version and many users were first not interested in the overall UI performance but got used to it for a while. Back in December 2012 inorder to fix some of the teething issues, iTunes 11.0.1 version released that got seriously rushed and now Apple already released their new iTunes 11.0.2 version for free download via Apple iTunes Store. This update will be fixing some of the bug issues like before and one best feature has been added to it which is the new Composer View for Music and its responsiveness for playlists has also been improved which are the main advantages of downloading this version onto your Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Mountain Lion along with the Microsoft’s windows desktop PC ( Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista ).

Download iTunes 11.0.3 Latest Update now

If you look back in the past when iPod used to rock the people of that generation iTunes was just a normal music player for them that simply acted as a portal. Soon after the invention of iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad and other new generation iOS 6 devices iTunes app got totally revamped and remained up-to-date. Now it is having a new fresh look as we see.

This new update is adding a Composer view for Music along with the improved responsiveness while you handle a large number of playlists and if your purchases are not showing up in the iTunes like before, this new update will fix that bug issues and problems. The performance is totally enhanced. Just navigate to Mac App Store to download it instantly and directly. So why waiting? you now know why to and how to update Apple iTunes from 11.0.1 to 11.0.2 version of software. There are also many how to tutorials and guides online to help and show you step by step instructions for the installation or upgrade.

There are 2 best or known ways to download iTunes – one is either you download iTunes 11.0.2 directly from website for a total fresh installation or you can easily launch Software Update tool so that you can update the previous version of iTunes that is already existing on your Windows PC or Mac OS X. We are now waiting for the release of Apple iTunes 11.0.3 version in 2013.