Download iOS 9.3 Public Beta 2 for iPhone 6s , iPad 4

Yes, iOS 9.3 beta 2 is also available for public Beta testers now. Apple released this latest version for developers a few days back and now it is out as public beta. For those who are on the program can download it from the official website or just install it as Over-The-Air (OTA) update. And as iOS 9.3 bought many changes and developments unlike the previous versions which only had bug fixes.

The new feature Night Shift definitely impressed all the users. Many people are even even waiting for the direct links to get this update and enjoy the enhanced features which are Night Shift, Password protected Notes, improved Car-play and also many improvements for Educational sector. The new update was given not long than a week ago after the final links for iOS 9.2.1 are out.

iOS 9.3

For users who are already on the beta testing program can install over-the-air but for those who aren’t on the program can sign up easily and join using your Apple id.

The Night Shift feature introduced in the latest version adjusts the brightness of the device automatically using the geo location and international clock. Based on the time set it recognizes the day light and night, hence giving a pleasant display which doesn’t effect your eyes giving a good night’s sleep.

Control Center Toggle

Additional features like 3D Touch actions for apps is what driving users to get this new update. Also you can now connect your Apple Watch units to your iPhone with watches having OS 2.2 or higher. The new beta supports the toggle in the Control Center for enabling/disabling Night Shift.

Here are more details about iOS 9.3 Beta features. As soon as this new update gets the final links we will update you. Stay tuned.