Download iOS 9.3 Beta 3 For iPhone 6s, iPad 4

Apple has just started seeding iOS 9.3 Beta 3 for developers. Those who are already on the developer program can download the latest version and start working right now. It’s been two weeks since Apple has given 9.3 beta 2 for developers as well as for public beta testers. The first beta of the new version bought many features like Night Shift and many other enhancements for iGadgets.

More developments has been happening since then in the following betas. Like the control toggle for Night Shift button which helps users to enable/disable using the toggle. Educational sector also received major changes helping students to get missing notes, easy sharing of files, documents and other study materials.

iOS 9.3

Other developments like advanced Car Play, Password encrypted Notes securing personal information like bank accounts, passwords etc are given in 9.3 update unlike other versions which mostly included bug fixes. Providing users a good night’s sleep by adjusting the brightness of the mobile or tablet based on geographic location and clock settings is one out standing thought apple has come up with.

Beta 3

New short-cuts has been added in the new beta giving easy access to apps and options which we use regularly. This new short-cuts includes quick access to Battery, Wallpaper settings, Wi-Fi and other options directly from the home screen. As of now the information regarding beta 3 isn’t made clear yet, but we will come up with updates soon.

Certain bug fixes and improvements for the previous version are included according to the reports. Stay tunedĀ for more updates and compatible devices for the new iOS beta.