Download Final Fantasy 9 at 20% Discount

The Final Fantasy IX is now here on both iOS and Android after a long wait. Gamers have never been so happy to finally get their hands on this magnificent game. After the announcement made in January about giving it for both popular OS’s it has arrived for all smartphones bringing new hopes in the gaming community.

As we know the Final Fantasy was originally introduced for Sony PlayStation back in 2000. Since then many users who are addicted to mobile games have been following every version from it’s complete series. And clearly Square Enix hasn’t disappointed their users giving their most for this incredible piece. Final Fantasy is also available for PC, but the one’s which reaches upto mobiles happen to get more fans and popularity around the world.

Final Fantasy IX

The new title introduced some enhanced features like auto-save, new achievements, 7 game boosters named as “high speed” and no encounter modes. Movies and character models are placed as the characters in this new version. The story of the title is also more intriguing with the latest designed quest.

Princess Garnia, the heir of Alexandria is on escaping spree with the help of her guard Steiner. And it gets more interesting when they meet people on their journey. The game is alive once more with new strategies and mind-blowing plans of Zidane and his crew. Zidane’s hideous plans to capture Princess were successful and now that the war is on, much stronger capabilities are given to each one of the warrior.

Final Fantasy

The only catch is, it takes up 4GB of space and total 8GB is required to download for this install onto your device. So, if you wish to have Final Fantasy IX to play on your iPhone, iPad or any other Android devices for that matter you need to empty up the space required to install it. Luckily it is available on Android and iOS stores at 20% discount now until February 21 starting today. It costs around $16.99 on both stores, why wait then? Hurry, grab the opportunity.

You need to be on iOS 7 or later on your iPhone 6s, 6, 6Plus, 5s, 5, 4s, iPad 4, 3, 2, 1 for installation. And for Android version 4.1 or later is required.

Download for iOS

Download for Android.

Watch the below trailer to get clear idea