Download Facebook Messenger App With Voice Messaging in iOS & Android : Update

Facebook released many app updates to the famous mobile platforms of Android and iOS. Today its messenger app gets updated both in iOS and Android platforms which will be adding a new feature called voice messaging and also allows VoIP calls but it is only for the users in canada. Users will be offered a Record toggle within this app along with the photo / camera buttons so that voice messages can be recorded whenever the toggle is pushed. You can easily delete the voice recording by sliding the toggle off. This feature will help you to interact with your friends very easily by sending voice messages for free of cost.

Facebook Voice Messaging app

Facebook is aslo reportedly looking forward to include an amazing feature called VoIP calling ( Voice-Over Internet Protocol ) into its Messenger app of iOS platform and the app is now in the stage of beta testing. This is quite an impressive feature as users can make calls over internet by establishing a P2P ( peer-to-peer ) connection just by making use of their data plans and don’t even have to pay a cent to the call. The only drawback for now is this feature will be made available to the Canadian iOS users first and rest of us have to wait for a while.

Facebook messenger app update

If you are a Canadian, inorder to make use of this service you will have to log into your Messenger app and select a contact or the person you want to call or open the conversation with him. There hit on “i” button which is present in the top-right corner of the conversation and finally select the ‘Free Call’ option. Upgrade to the latest version of app so that you will able to receive or send calls.

Facebook Voicemails

Facebook constantly focussed on the improvements of the messaging features like – Android users of Facebook app can now log in just with their phone number or name to use the messaging service instead of all the social networking features. We have already seen another advancement with the launch of Facebook Poke app, an alternative choice for the users of Snapchat with which self-destructing messages can be sent along with photos and videos.

The voicemail and call system of Facebook would definitely reach 1 billion of its users. If they add premium services as an upgrade option for the features like call forwarding etc ( just as in Skype ) it would be more helpful to people and developers can make a pretty revenue as well.

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