Schedule SMS, Email Automatically on iPhone 6s (How To)

Sending text messages, emails or post a tweet, facebook status are the daily things people do. Now you can schedule them to send or apply automatically at any time in future on iPhone/ iPad. You might be wondering about how t0 delay an sms to be sent automatically?

Well there are many jailbreak tweaks available to do such kind of things. Here’s the chance for non-jailbroken devices. An app called Delayd helps finishing the task so much easier. Usually Apple has some kind of restrictions for certain third-party apps running in the store. This is the best chance for you the app before the company has any second thoughts of removing it.


Apple doesn’t provide the choice for scheduling future SMS Text messages in it’s default messages app. So many users would look for a source that fits their needs which in this case could be Delayd. Even though iDevice owners are requesting for this kind of option since many days, Apple can’t seem to care like they do in fixing the bugs.

Let’s get down to know a few things about the latest app that’s going to be popular in no time. You can programme unlimited number of texts, messages, social media posts like tweets, facebook status and also emails to any date and time. Install the application from iTunes store which is available at free of cost having a requirement of iOS 9 or later version.


After finishing the installation process sign-up into the account and there you’ll be given 50 SMS Credits for free. You can add the remainders by using up the free credits given initially. When the count comes to zero, there are in-app purchases where you could get extra at extremely lower prices (500 credits- $3.99, 250- $2.99, 100- $1.99 and 50- $0.99) only.

There will be the whole history of sent emails and everything for you to rewind and look back. Group messages can be created so that no one will possibly be missed. Other features like Instant sharing, Notifications after the task is done, Recurring and #hashtag use on Twitter are present.


We’ve seen many apps spinning in the store promising this kind of features, but none of them followed to do so. For example a reminder is set up which you expect to be sent at particular time delay, it simply notifies when the time is reached and asks for a confirmation. But Delayd’s got your back, do not worry.

Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.