Block Spam Calls on iPhone 7 & 7 Plus (How-To)

There’s the time when you are busy in a meeting or had a long day and the phone buzzes or rings with unwanted marketing & spam calls. It gets super annoying after a while, you feel like there’s a thing to avoid this kind of nuisance. Here’s just the answer for you, if you are currently on the list of “how to block spam calls on iOS 10” query.

Usually people do get bothered with unsolicited calls and wishes there’d be some way to block the spam calls you get. Apple is now allowing developers to create and improve apps that serves just this purpose. This has just started and it’s going to be super flexible for those who wanted a feature like this for so long. Let’s get into detail to know how it actually works.


iOS 10 has just been released this week and users around the world are experiencing lots of excitement with the new apps and stuff they’ve been waiting for. An upgrade in iOS gets lots of app varieties and changes in the system, which ofcourse would be useful by saving time. Now let’s learn what we came for right?

Follow the instructions given below to avoid unwanted calls on your iOS 10.

  1. To start the process you’re going to need one of the below mentioned apps to successfully make the changes and avoid annoying phone calls.

Who called is an app that comes for $0.99 on the App store and works just right. It was built based on a  list that recognizes the spam calls and indeed helps you.

The second one, Hiya Caller ID and Block is absolutely free to download on the App store and is flexible enough to avoid unwanted nuisance calls on your iPhone 6, 6 Plus , 7 ,7 Plus etc.

  1. After downloading and installing one of the apps, navigate to Settings> Phone> Call Blocking & Identification.ios-10-call-blocking
  2. You’ll now be able to see the app which you’ve installed from the store and make sure the toggle is “ON” and not disabled.

The app will now let you choose some options that meets your needs. There it is, from now on you can have a totally new experience with the completed installation of iOS 10 Call Blocking capabilities.