Apple’s Fix for iPhone Bricking 1970 Date Bug

The very recent and popular date bug for bricking iOS devices has been a pain for Apple. Many users tried out the trick and were remained with frozen gadgets in their hands. There was no solution for this faulty program neither by Apple nor from any developer.

On the other hand people are running to the nearest stores to get the issue fixed. While some of them returned with new replaced iPhones or iPads, others got disappointed in several cases. Few iDevice owners managed to change the date on Demo iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch’s in the store according to 9to5mac.

Date bug

However Apple has acknowledged the problem and announced a fix for it in the next iOS version. This error has started to occur last week by internet going viral and since then thousands of people are suffering now by the truth that their mobile just got bricked.

Though a precaution is there for jailbroken devices through a tweak an app from the popular Cydia called BrickingDate. By downloading and installing this tweak you can protect your iPhone or iPad from Bricking even if you manage to save January 1st, 1970 time and date. There is no such thing for non-jailbroken devices which is sad, but the company announcing a fix is good to hear.

The exact words from Apple are as follows: “Manually changing the date to May 1970 or earlier can prevent your iOS device from turning on after a restart”. Which means your device won’t be back, once scrolled and set to 1970. Only setting up May or earlier months might cause the problem and not from June 1970 is what the report suggests.

It might come with iOS 9.3 which is said to be released in March or it could be given as a bug fix initially. For more updates stay tuned.