Apple might release Multi-colored iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 this Year : Rumor 2013

Last year Apple released many iDevices like iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Mini etc and still Apple users are expecting for more. According TheNextWeb, in the developer logs iPhone 6 has been already surfaced and the release date of iPhone 6 would be somewhere in June 2013 according to Business Insider. They are still rumors though and no official statement was made by Apple Inc regarding this. The sources say that this time iPhone comes in multiple colors and various sizes. We have already seen Apple making huge number of multi-colored iPods or mp3 players and now let’s see why they might be interested in bringing colors to the next iPhone.

Multicolored iPhone

The next iPhone could even be iPhone 5S with iOS 7 when it comes to the name. Anyways this is some sort of a big step that Apple iPhone needs, as mobile landscape has become more vibrant these days. Companies like Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola are already in the race of making multi-colored mobiles. HTC designed few colored smartphones with Windows Phone OS running on them and they got their names as Limelight Neon, California Blue and at the sametime Nokia launched their colorful Lumia Series like Lumia 820, 610, 920, 510 etc which obviously shows that they are giving much importance to release color-based smartphones into the market. iPhone users might got bored of the old black and white tradition. So now there is a strong reason for Apple to manufacture their next iPhone in multiple colors.

Multicolored NOKIA LUMIA

The idevice users might not be that interested in getting new features into their iPhones as they already got many of the best features like enhanced camera, extended storage, brand new processor etc and with the launch of iPhone 4S another great feature called Siri is in the hands already.

So this year i.e., 2013 could be the year where Cupertino guys would bring an iOS – Powered Rainbow. We have to keep speculating the possibilities till Apple Inc. announces the release date, features or speculations of iPhone 5S/6 officially.