How to Upgrade 16GB to 128GB on iPhone 6 Only for $60

Apple was one of the leading smartphones and tablets brand. The only thing users get disappointed in those devices is their internal storage option which is given only 16/32GB by the company. The latest news which is getting popular that at the Shenzen Market in China it is possible for you to upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch internal memory from 16GB to 128GB only at the cost of $60.

For those mobile users who intend to store 4K videos and more entertainment programs which will be useful while travelling need some extra storage on their newly bought iDevices. Considering this as an important thing the chinese people decided to open up the Apple device and replace the memory chip with extended storage and place it back in to the device.iPhone 6Many users already know that Apple charges $100 more to shift to the mobile with increased storage to the same model while replacing your actual phone. This will cause you to lose your data which is on your current device. But at Shenzen Market this third-party upgrade only costs $60 to get 128GB option while Apple costs you around $200 more for the same process.

There is more options like 32GB for $20 and 64GB for $35 available at this market. This process takes approximately 30 minutes, where they open up your phone or tablet and replace the existing memory chip with Toshiba 128GB chip. This also transfers your existing data on to the new storage chip.


Though this sounds like a pretty reasonable deal, there is a catch. The devices which undergoes through this process from third-parties are taking a chance to lose the warranty provided by Apple. There are also versions accepting microSD cards if you ever intend to take it out and connect to your PC using card reader.

Ofcourse Apple won’t be cool knowing this kind of third-party upgrades doing some gimmicks to their devices which spoils their reputation. Let’s see what people actually think about this possibility. Watch the below given video to know more.