iPhone Volume Control Using Apple Watch (New Patent)

The latest Apple patent reveals that volume controls on iPhone could be done remotely with Apple Watch units in future. Yes you heard it right, the company has submitted the application to U.S Patent and Trademark Office today regarding “Volume control for mobile device using a wireless device”.

This concept is basically designed on taking ambient sound samples and testing them. According to the information on the application, whenever the iPhone or host mobile gets a message or some noise alert the wearable device which is supposedly a watch, which detects the signal and notifies to the gadget to adjust the sound or other functions.


So what do you think is the use of such developments? Numerous advantages could be there if being thorough. Such as if you are in an environment where you couldn’t hear the mobile ringing or get a text beep, it helps to change the volume automatically. And similarly when you are in a quite place and all of a sudden your ringtone starts going loud but before it starts to annoy, you could avoid it much easily.


In simple words, the Apple Watch you have on your hand totally controls the mobile in your pocket without even disturbing you. The noise created is received and tracked in the form of ambient sounds detects whether to increase it or decrease it. It even finds where the iPhone is, whether it is in a bag by sonic waves.

In some cases iPhone sends the signal to the wearable device and after analysing, it sends out signals to check if it’s perfect or needs modification. The Siri voice recognition introduced in iPhone 6s as “Hey Siri “also gets an improvement clearing out the background noise. Ofcourse many patents don’t get through and come in the gadgets but it’s a pretty good one and comes of much use. Let’s hope technologies like these comes into action.