How to Play A Tiny Game of Pong on Apple Watch

Yes, you can now play games on Apple Watch too. Exciting right? No matter where you are, beat your friend’s score by playing A Tiny Game of Pong on Your Apple Watch. This app is available and compatible for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch having iOS 9 or later version.

It has come to Apple watch units bringing a little bit of nostalgic feeling as the developers words are. A Tiny Game of Pong is designed based on a ’70s classic game which lets you compete with friends and earn more score by notifying on the Game Center leaderboard. Played in an endless arcade mode to beat up any opponent A Tiny Game of Pong is more fun when experienced personally.


Now you must be wondering about how does a game fits on such a tiny or small display? and how can it be played/ what are the control buttons? The answer is the Digital crown, by moving it clockwise and anti clockwise makes the paddle to move left or right according to your preference.

A little information about A Tiny Game of Pong:

A tiny Game of Pong

A Tiny Game of Pong features two unique game modes, one is endless arcade and other is Classic payoff mode. Ten types of themes and colours are given, where you can choose anyone matching your Watch Band or you can just select a random theme. It can be played by connecting with iOS device or once the app is installed onto the tiny device you can play without iPhone or iPad i.e standalone feature.

It’s free to download on the app store only for a limited time. Why late? Grab the opportunity and make your Apple Wrist Watch a little more fun-dorable. Initially the endless arcade mode is set into action but you can get the classic payoff mode through in-app purchases. In-app purchases also includes and unlocks theme colours like red, green, blue and many other.


Costs you only $0.99 and you can challenge a friend or a random player to a one-on-one match. Remember you can only do this through in-app purchase. Many additional features will be unlocked along.

Download A Tiny Game of Pong for Apple Watch.